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Temposhark (2004 CD Sampler)

Image of Temposhark (2004 CD Sampler)


Temposhark's first demo CD sampler from May 2004. Including 8 Temposhark demo tracks plus 3 remixes. This limited edition CD was for promotional use only.

The CD features a duet with critically acclaimed UK female singer/songwriter Imogen Heap (Frou Frou) and drumming from Richie Mills (The Lucky Nine/Clarkesville), as well as a number of cool remixes from the likes of Border Crossing and Kevin Freeman.

Catalogue Number: TSCD01

Track listing:

1. Coming Up For Air 2. Neon ? 3. Crime 4. Play With The Minute 5. Not That Big (ft. Imogen Heap) 6. Mediocrity Sells 7. Invisible Ink 8. Switch Off 9. Neon ? (Border Crossing Remix) 10. Play With The Minute (Kevin Freeman Remix) 11. Tom Plays With His Dinner (Bootleg Remix).

This CD was a promo only to introduce the band to press, but a limited number are currently available to buy exclusively from this online shop.