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Battleships (2005 CD sampler)


This promo sampler was called 'Battleships' and was meant as a promotional teaser of Temposhark's music plus a number of bonus remixes. Catalogue number: TSCD05P (17 track CD promo). August 2005. It features a few demos of songs that ended up on the debut Temposhark album plus some cool rarities!

Please note: This CD was a promo only to introduce the band to industry, but a limited number are currently available to buy exclusively from this online shop.

Please note all tracks here are demo versions.
Catalogue number: TSCD05P (17 track CD album promo).

1. Blame
2. It's Better To Have Loved
3. Little White Lie
4. Paris
5. Bang (instrumental)
6. The River
7. Hard, Medium, Soft
8. Invisible Ink
9. Neon ?
10. Crime
11. Not That Big (ft. Imogen Heap)
12. Switch Off
13. Neon ? - Border Crossing Remix
14. The River – Richard Norris The Other Side Remix
15. Little White Lie - Cursor Miner 'Acid Stomp Remix'
16. Paris – The Most (Ft. Princess Julia) Remix
17. Crime – Noblesse Oblige 'Helotry Remix'